Rugged Road ONITIS 45 Cooler-GunMetal

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The ONITIS 45 is the first cooler on the market to provide exceptional durability and ice retention without the extra weight or high price tag that Roto-molded coolers come with. Our team has developed an entirely new way to manufacture coolers through utilizing a proprietary spray that was originally used to make the Pentagon blast-resistant! 


Customer Reviews

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Hey folks let me give you a heads up about this Rugged Road cooler. First, super light weight. You can fling this thing anywhere with one hand, super sturdy with plenty of space. For me personally, its all about fishing and stacking my catch with a layer of ice between'm. Perfect for that and whatever you throw at it. As far as haul-ability, if that's a word, it fits perfectly in the cargo of my 4Runner, notches cut in the cooler allow ratchet straps to around and over it like a champ. Great construction with no unnecessary frills, friction fit lid so i dont need to fiddle with snaps or rubber T-handles, great cargo straps that do the job and I hear the company is coming out with even better straps for carrying and tie down, looking forward to that. Now, is this thing perfect? Of course not. In fact the one thing out front for me is the fact that the lid is a friction fit, now that's all well and good and you can flip it and use it as a cutting board. What Id really like is a notch or grove cut in the lid to allow me to turn the lid 90° and use that cutting board and still have access to the cooler without having to pull it off again and again. I can grab those fish I just caught, fillet 1 after the other right to the grill set up by the tail gate!!! Anyway folks that's my 2 cents. Great cooler, go ahead and grab yourself one and hit the trails!! TAKE CARE!!

Onitas 45

I bought the tan Onitas 45 last year. I beat the hell out of it during deer season. I have had other plastic brands end up with punctures inside from sharp pieces of bone. But not with the Onitas. I’ve used it as a step ladder in my garage and I’m 240lbs!!! I’ve pulled it on the river behind a kayak. Floats upright with no problems. The only issue I have with it is the stretchy side handles but from what I’ve seen Rugged Road is coming out with a fix for it. Once that happens then these things are light, durable and hold ice for days!!

Daniel Schremser
Onitis 45

Bought the tan one of these last summer to use on the boat. Definitely worth the money. Keeps ice for 7 days. Very durable. Accidently dropped it a few times and it wasn't damaged. Going to buy a grey one next to keep in the truck.